The Dance

She dances alone
Swaying to the music
A smile on her face
Not waiting for Prince Charming

She is Free-Spirited
An individual
She doesn’t need anyone
She loves her independence
She’ll be fine

She keeps herself busy
Calls it her life
No time to think of what haunts her most
Will not realize the mess she’s in
It is all a façade

Her smile
Her dance
Her frivolous conversations
She cries out for help
Afraid no one can hear her

Desperate for love but feeling so alone
She tries to convince herself that she will be okay
But she is only a girl and her hurt is deep
She dances for someone to see her to hear her to help her to love her
Her dance is a call for help
She needs someone to see her to rescue her from the mud that she’s made for herself
She needs a shoulder to lean on
Someone to wash her face and say that she’s not alone
She can’t go on like this for long

What happens when reality catches up with her?
What can she do?
When she burns out,
Will there be anything left?


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