Seeking Life to the Full

Seeker of Knowledge
Desires always to learn
Wants to know it all
Curious about the world
Explores the unknown

Seeker of Excellence
Not scared of a challenge
Will not settle for “adequate”
Strives for the best
Works hard to get there

Seeker of Joy
Loves to laugh
Strives to bring smiles
Finds the funny things
Takes pleasure in the ridiculous

Seeker of Beauty
Soaks in the grand vistas
Admires the beauty of a smile
Looks past the exterior
Searches for the gold

Seeker of Love
Longs for connection
Offers their heart
Embraces a friend
Wants the best for the other

Seeker of Truth
Looks beyond the veil
Searches for what is hidden
Will not give in to “easy”
Tears away the curtain

Seeker of Adventure
On a constant journey
Strives to make the most of it
Not scared of the obstacles
Embraces the challenge

Seeker of God
Looks for His fingerprints
Listens for His voice
Trusts in His providence
Takes comfort in His love

Oh! What a beautiful heart
That can accomplish all this!

Oh! What a beautiful life
That can be lived!

Oh! What a beautiful soul
That will be satisfied!

Oh! You seeker of life
You shall indeed find what you seek.


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