Second Chance

Surrounded by those who know me only for my sin
They do not see me
They do not love me

Pressing in at all sides
There is no escape
Suffocated by the weight of what I’ve done

There is no second chance
No hope of redemption
I have made my choice
And now I must suffer the consequences

I shrink
And cry
Hoping against hope
But I see the rocks
The hands lifted to strike
I cannot escape my fate
I close my eyes
And pray that my God will forgive me

But the rocks do not come

I open my eyes
The crowd has parted
There is a man
He bends and draws in the dirt
Everyone watches

He stands
And he speaks
And one by one
The men walk away
Until just the two of us remain

He comes to me
He lifts me up
He looks at me
He sees me
And He loves me

“Go and sin no more.”

I laugh
Cry tears of joy
My prayer has been answered
My God has forgiven me
The weight is lifted
I can breathe once more

He smiles
Looks at me with love
We embrace
I am made new


Little Girl, Broken

Little girl, brand new
Nothing to fear
Nothing will hurt her
She is protected
She is loved

Little girl, bold
She explores with exuberance
Excited about the world
She is innocent
She is loved

Little girl, bewildered
She discovers pain
The world is different now
She is wounded
She is loved

Little girl, battered
She falls down
And rises with difficulty
She is tired
She is loved

Little girl, broken
She has been hurt
Too many times
She is lonely
She is loved

Little girl, beaten
She looks around
And finds no one beside her
She is defeated
She is loved

Little girl, beloved
She finds her help
They have been there always
She is encouraged
She is loved

Little girl, brave
She stands back up
Against all odds
She is determined
She is loved

Little girl, beautiful
She presses on
Always forward
She is stronger
She is loved

Little girl, broken and brave
She lights the way
For others to follow
She is beautiful
She is loved


Alone with my thoughts
Worry overcomes me
What if there’s not enough?
Will there ever be enough?
Will God really take care of me?
I can’t do what I want
I must be careful
Don’t aim too high
You might fall
Stay where it’s safe
Learn to manage
If you are careful, you might be okay
But will I ever be happy?
Aren’t I made for more?
Why won’t God help me?
God, where are you?

Little boy
“Run away from the dinosaurs!”

Inward smile
I may have struggles
But at least I’m not being chased by dinosaurs

I Am Me

Here I am
In all my mess
All my brokenness
Lost and alone
Searching for a way home

I give you my woundedness
My anger
My fear
My frustration
My anxiety
My loneliness
My joy
My laughter and my tears

I give you my heart
Small, insignificant
Patched together the best I could
I’m tired of trying to believe it’s okay

My God, I need help
I can’t do this on my own
Please be with me
Please accept my gift of myself
Though I am broken
Though I am hurting
I need you all the more, God
Don’t leave me alone

Looking for Neverland

Growing up
Becoming someone new

Everything is different
Things are not how they were
They cannot be

I liked my life the way it was
But I cannot go back
I must always move forward

I love who I am now
But I miss who I was then
Life moves on

Everyone changes
Whether you are watching or not
We all grow

We wish to stay the same
Stay in comfort
Stay in what we know

But where’s the adventure in that?
Bittersweet memories
We must keep going

If we had not been then,
We would not be now
But we cannot stay how we were

Enjoy each moment
There will never be another like it
Savor the time we have

We all must grow and change
We cannot go back
But we can remember fondly

We can remember
And we can love
And we can grow