Who Am I?

Who am I?
Underneath it all
If you strip away the mask
All the labels
All the hobbies
All the friends
All the things I hide behind

Who am I?
At my very core
My deepest self
My truest self
Have I ever met this person?
Would I recognize myself?

Who am I?
Peel back the layers
All the things I call myself
All the ways I define myself
All the people who I’ve let define me
Take it all away
Show me who I am!

What makes me who I am?
What are the things that cannot be taken away?
What should I hold on to?
What should I fight for?
What should I let go of?
Show me who I am!

I surrender myself
I give it back to you
Make me pure
Show me who I am!


Little Girl, Broken

Little girl, brand new
Nothing to fear
Nothing will hurt her
She is protected
She is loved

Little girl, bold
She explores with exuberance
Excited about the world
She is innocent
She is loved

Little girl, bewildered
She discovers pain
The world is different now
She is wounded
She is loved

Little girl, battered
She falls down
And rises with difficulty
She is tired
She is loved

Little girl, broken
She has been hurt
Too many times
She is lonely
She is loved

Little girl, beaten
She looks around
And finds no one beside her
She is defeated
She is loved

Little girl, beloved
She finds her help
They have been there always
She is encouraged
She is loved

Little girl, brave
She stands back up
Against all odds
She is determined
She is loved

Little girl, beautiful
She presses on
Always forward
She is stronger
She is loved

Little girl, broken and brave
She lights the way
For others to follow
She is beautiful
She is loved

In Stillness

When all is quiet
And we are left alone
And there are no distractions
Only our truest self
What will we find?

When no one tells us who to be
And how to act
And what to think
What will we have left?
Who are we when everything is stripped away?

Will we like what we find?

Or will we fun
And go back to who we thought we were
And wait for someone to tell us who we are

We are terrified of stillness
When we are faced with ourselves
What if we don’t like who we are?
What if we don’t know who we are?
What if we find nothing?

We are terrified of the emptiness

And so we fill our lives
Every moment
So there is no time for stillness

But it is in stillness that we know who we are
Who we have been
And who we might be

And we are terrified

We detach from our lives
We don’t even know who we are

It is time to reconnect
It is time to face our fears
It is time to dig deep
It is time to find out who we are

Tear Away the Veil



Where have I gone?
What have I done?
Who have I become?
Where do I belong?

I want clarity
To be rid of this fog

I want to see you
To gaze deeply into your eyes

I want to hear you
To hear your voice echo in my soul

I want to feel your presence
To feel you with me always

I want to breathe in you
To be more like you with every breath

I want to be free of this fog!
I want to be truly alive again!

I don’t want to live in confusion
I want to see you clearly
Hear you clearly
Feel you clearly
I want to be close to you

Tear away the veil!


Lost, confused, and scared
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Nowhere else to go
I find myself
At the foot of the cross
Clinging to the One who saves

There is nothing left for me in the past
And the future seems so distant
How can I escape this vicious cycle?

I’m tired of pretending
Of running away
Of saying I’m okay
When I am so broken inside

My tears mix with His blood
He alone can save me
I have no more strength

Gently He lifts me
Carries me to I know not where
The strength of a father
The protection of a brother
The tenderness of a lover

He lowers me into the river
Fast water flowing over my body
Vulnerable, scared, desperate
But I cannot fight it
I am too tired
I must trust my Master

The power of the water overwhelms me
Cold, strong, unrelenting
I feel I will be washed away
Or drown
I cannot feel his touch anymore
I cannot save myself
I feel there is no hope

Suddenly: the sun
His strong arms around me
Lifting me from the water
I gasp for breath
After so long without it
The sun on my face
Cool breeze on my skin
Water dripping from my hair
I laugh, and He laughs with me

Renewed strength
I am clean
I am stronger than before
I am loved
I am His

The Dance

She dances alone
Swaying to the music
A smile on her face
Not waiting for Prince Charming

She is Free-Spirited
An individual
She doesn’t need anyone
She loves her independence
She’ll be fine

She keeps herself busy
Calls it her life
No time to think of what haunts her most
Will not realize the mess she’s in
It is all a façade

Her smile
Her dance
Her frivolous conversations
She cries out for help
Afraid no one can hear her

Desperate for love but feeling so alone
She tries to convince herself that she will be okay
But she is only a girl and her hurt is deep
She dances for someone to see her to hear her to help her to love her
Her dance is a call for help
She needs someone to see her to rescue her from the mud that she’s made for herself
She needs a shoulder to lean on
Someone to wash her face and say that she’s not alone
She can’t go on like this for long

What happens when reality catches up with her?
What can she do?
When she burns out,
Will there be anything left?

Wandering Wounded

She sees them
Their desperate cries for help
And her heart breaks
She longs to comfort them
To show them Truth
But she cannot

Because she is just as lost

Just as confused


And hurting.

She doesn’t know how to help
She doesn’t know what to say
She doesn’t know how to heal the hurt

That haunts them all.

The wandering wounded
The stubbornly lost
The ones with no hope

Those who feel alone
Those who fail to see
Those desperate for an answer

Seeking truth
Finding nothing
A world of empty promises

Shallow love
Safe boundaries
No connections

So lost

So confused

So alone

And hurting.