What Happens After This?

What happens after this?
When the list has been checked off
When we come to the end of the map
Where will we go?

What happens after this?
We’ll go our separate ways
No longer bound together
We’ll be alone again

What happens after this?
We’ll be on our own
Smaller than we’ve ever been
Struggling to find our way

What happens after this?
We can’t go back
We’re afraid to go forward
It’s terrifying

What happens after this?
Well try to find our way
We’ll stumble through as best we can
But maybe we will fly

What happens after this?
We could go anywhere
We could do anything
How can we choose?

What happens after this?


I’m Sorry

I’m sorry if I hurt you
That was never my intent
It might be too late to change things now
But I want to say I’m sorry

I thought that I was ready
But I jumped in far too deep
I overstepped and tumbled down
And I’m afraid I took you with me

I didn’t know myself like I do now
I thought that I was someone else
I was still trying on faces
And you suffered for it

I thought that I was better, stronger, braver
I thought I could take on the world
I didn’t realize that I am weak
I wouldn’t let you help me

I had big dreams for the future
I wanted to save the world
I thought I could do it myself
And you saw me fall

I have grown up since then
I have gotten wiser
I have been humbled
And I’m ready to try again

I know that I’m not perfect
I have a long way to go still
But I am continuing on
Growing wiser with every step

So I’m sorry if I hurt you
I know that you’ve been wounded
You got caught in my mistakes
I want you to know that I’m better now

I’m sorry if I hurt you
I pray that you can heal
I know it will take time
I hope you can forgive me

Little Girl, Broken

Little girl, brand new
Nothing to fear
Nothing will hurt her
She is protected
She is loved

Little girl, bold
She explores with exuberance
Excited about the world
She is innocent
She is loved

Little girl, bewildered
She discovers pain
The world is different now
She is wounded
She is loved

Little girl, battered
She falls down
And rises with difficulty
She is tired
She is loved

Little girl, broken
She has been hurt
Too many times
She is lonely
She is loved

Little girl, beaten
She looks around
And finds no one beside her
She is defeated
She is loved

Little girl, beloved
She finds her help
They have been there always
She is encouraged
She is loved

Little girl, brave
She stands back up
Against all odds
She is determined
She is loved

Little girl, beautiful
She presses on
Always forward
She is stronger
She is loved

Little girl, broken and brave
She lights the way
For others to follow
She is beautiful
She is loved


People change
They grow
They become someone new

They are different
Not better or worse
But different

People grow
Relationships evolve
Things cannot always be as they were

I cannot always be there
But life does not stop
Change is constant

The world does not wait for you
So enjoy every moment
But what if I’m not there to enjoy it?

I need to spread my wings
Be my own person
But I don’t want to leave behind what I had

I don’t want to miss it
Not even one moment
But I can’t always be there

There’s no use longing for what I can’t have
It’s best to move on
But I love them

Who I was then
Is not who I am now
I cannot go back

Love in every moment
Appreciate every second
You don’t know how long you have


Someday you will run
You will go where you want
You will speak your mind
You will make your needs known
But not yet

Someday you will be big
You will grow up
You will be able to do anything
You will follow your dreams
But not yet

Someday you will make your own decisions
You will find your own way
You will be independent
You will be free
But not yet

Someday you will find love
You will find your purpose
You will know yourself
You will live fully
But not yet

Someday you will be happy
You will love yourself
You will achieve your dreams
You will love life
But not yet

When will we get there?
Why do we wait?
Why not now?

The world needs us now
Someday is not soon enough
Not yet is not an option

Don’t wait to be older
Don’t wait until you are ready
Challenge yourself
Go now!

We can change the world
Now go!

Tear Away the Veil



Where have I gone?
What have I done?
Who have I become?
Where do I belong?

I want clarity
To be rid of this fog

I want to see you
To gaze deeply into your eyes

I want to hear you
To hear your voice echo in my soul

I want to feel your presence
To feel you with me always

I want to breathe in you
To be more like you with every breath

I want to be free of this fog!
I want to be truly alive again!

I don’t want to live in confusion
I want to see you clearly
Hear you clearly
Feel you clearly
I want to be close to you

Tear away the veil!