Hannah 2The words I write are not my own. They are given to me, and I simply write them down. These words help me through my life. They help me to express my joy, sorrow, pain, excitement, love, frustration, and suffering. These words have helped me heal.

I do not think these words are meant only for me. The thoughts and emotions that affect me affect us all. I believe these words can bring help and healing to others in the same way that they do to me. I want to share these words with others in the hope that they will bring a bit of joy, comfort, or solace to those in need.

Although every poem has a story behind it, I do not think it is necessary to know the story in order to be affected by the simple words. We all come from different places, and we all different stories, but we are all human. We all share the same emotions. We have all experienced love, hate, joy, and sorrow. The experiences I write about are universal, and I believe that they will have more of an impact if I do not limit them to the experiences of an individual by telling the backstory. The words are simple, the emotions behind them guttural. The emotions painted by these words emerge from deep inside all of us, where our truest self resides.

I hope reading these little poems makes your day a little brighter, and brings you closer to the beautiful, wonderful person you are.


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